Do you know what these are?Image

They are the pounds I’ve lost the first week.  Well, actually, I’ve lost 3.6 pounds, but because I only have pound marker stickers in whole numbers, I can only take off 3.  I’m tempted to follow the advice of my friend, who said, “I’d just round it up to 4!”  As someone who has battled weight my entire life, I am keenly aware of every 2 tenths of a pound.  But I won’t round up, because I need to earn that other four-tenths.  And I will.

But for this first week, I have lost 3.6 pounds.  *Snaps* for me! 🙂

Exercising this week included walking down 14 flights of steps yesterday when someone pulled the fire alarm in our building at work.  I walked almost a mile today, but boy do my thighs hurt when I get up and sit down!  I think I would probably hurt even if I was in shape!

I’m so excited that it’s March and I am looking forward to warmer weather.  Just hoping that snowflake icon on my weather app for Monday goes away!


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